March 21, 2020


For those of you that have been laid off, you have not been forgotten!  Mikki, me, and our entire remaining management team have you in our thoughts and prayers almost every hour of the day and many at night. We know this time is hard on you and your families.  We have tried to remain open as long as possible within the City, State, and National rules, orders, and best practices to combat this pandemic crisis.  We are balancing the social and economic line of implementing harsh business damaging measures while trying to remain partially open and keep as many paychecks flowing as possible.  Shutting our doors 100% and laying everyone off is the most cost-effective path for the company, and would save us much money, grief, and social media scorn.  However, we have chosen what we believe is the best path for our employees. We don’t question that path, we just hope that you understand that we have taken each step of hours reductions, layoffs, and finally, partial closures to retain our employees benefit, and that you support us in these efforts and hopefully will return to work at Pinballz once this time of crisis has passed.

I have provided below the details of our Employee Relief Fund program.  It has two components – a Loss of Wages relief and a Food relief.  Unemployment only covers so much, and you will need some liquid cash during the next few weeks, along with basic needs like food, given the lack of availability of basic food items in our grocery stores.  Our goal is to help supplement our staff that we had to lay off while still trying to keep some of our staff employed, albeit on a limited hours schedule.  We built a plan that will help both sets of employee circumstances.  We are always open for feedback on how we can improve this program, but we hope you will use them in full.  As we said in our last correspondence, conditions are changing hourly and we may be forced to completely shut down one or multiple locations.  If we do that, the Loss of Wage Relief program will still be in effect, and we will continue the Food Relief program until we are out of food.  We will do everything in our power to continue to help all our employees get through these times.  We will get through this together, rehire as our guests return to us, and come out of this stronger for the summer and rest of 2020.  You have our commitment that all three Pinballz locations will reopen 100% when this crisis is over and we will rehire as many jobs as quickly as we can!

Darren and Mikki

Loss of Wages Relief

We will cut a check to each full-time employee that we laid off (criteria is they had to be working FT or PT for at least the first two weeks of March) each week for the next two weeks as follows:

All Part-Time Employees – $100 per week

All Full-Time Staff – $150 per week

All FT Supervisors – $200 per week

All FT Managers – $250 per week

Duration – Two payments one each on Friday March 27th, Friday April 3rd

At that point we will at least cut a third check on Friday April 10th using the same scale with any money we have raised through game card sales on the website or guest donations to the fund.

You can pick up these checks at the Pinballz location you worked at.

Food Relief

As long as our kitchen remains open, we have made all meals available to our full-time staff at their employee discount level (25%) regardless of whether they are working or not.  Effective Sunday 3/22 and until further notice we will extend this employee discount to all full and part time staff that are still working or who have been laid off but who were working at least 15 hours per week as of March 15th.  We are also offering an additional 25% discount to all full-time staff, both working and laid off, that were working as of March 15th for food at any time.  We have been offering free emergency meal packs to all laid off employees since the crisis began (meat, eggs, and bread), and we are now formalizing that program to offer emergency meal packs (essentially meals our chefs can make in bulk) that will be available to laid off full and part time staff on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next two weeks (and as long as our kitchens remain open at each location) with a limit of up to one per employee per day and while supplies last.  All these food relief programs will only be available as long as we can keep our kitchens and/or food truck up and running.