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Mikki's Replay Cafe

Enjoy food and drinks at Mikki’s Replay Café! We serve a large selection of snacks, candy, and full meals from the Mikki’s Replay Café food truck.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday 10 am – 11 pm
Friday/Saturday 10 am – 1 am
Sunday 10 am – 10 pm


Beef Sliders $8
Buffalo Chicken Sliders  $8
Breakfast Tacos  $2.50 for 2 items
(egg, bacon, chorizo, potato, or cheese) $.25 for each additional item
8″ Personal Pizza $8
Chicken Tenders  $7
Chicken Tacos $5
Fried Pickles $6
Mozzarella Sticks  $6
Mini Corndogs  $6
Fries $5

byobThe Original Pinballz Arcade has a BYOB Policy. We do not serve alcohol onsite. Please follow the BYOB Policy Rules below. Our BYOB policy is in place to ensure a positive experience for all of our patrons, as well as to meet all City of Austin laws and ordinances.

1. One Beer per person only at a time in the arcade – no six packs or cases.
2. Single serving wine drinks are allowed.
3. All drinks must be brought in unopened and kept in their original can or bottle, no open cups.
4. Open containers may not leave the building, no drinking allowed in parking lot (no “tailgating”) or surrounding property.
5. No Hard Alcohol or Mixers.
6. No Underage Drinking. Undercover officers visit frequently.
7. Over Intoxicated Patrons will be asked to leave by security or arcade attendants.
8. No (non-alcoholic) external drinks of any kind (water, soda, juice, etc) are allowed and must be purchased in the arcade.
9. Violators of this policy, along with Game Abuse, Theft, or Unruly Behavior, will be asked to leave the arcade and may be banned from returning.
10. Be smart – don’t ruin it for everyone.