Enjoy shooting games, but wish you could step up the realism and accuracy? Then stop by Pinballz Arcade and try out our new Smokeless Range marksmanship shooting simulator! This accurate and realistic simulator allows you to practice your Fast Draw, IPSIC, IPDA, home defense or hunting skills with our AirSoft pistols for an unparalleled shooting simulation experience.

We’ll soon be making this simulator available as a premium party gaming option, but from 2:00 through 6:00 this Saturday we’ll have it available for you to try at Pinballz Arcade, FREE OF CHARGE! The Smokeless Range includes 5 different marksmanship drills and 5 additional recreational drills, including transitional tracking and speed drills, moving targets, trap shooting, can toss, and bomb blast competitive modes.

So bring a friend and come try out the Smokeless Range! You can read more about Smokeless Range here: http://store.laser-ammo.com/software/smokeless-range-r-judgmental-and-marksmanship-shooting-simulator.html