Pinballz Kingdom offers a terrific variety of games. We have pinball machines, modern and classic video games, and ticket redemption games where the fun never ends. Here is a list of the current games inventory at Pinballz Kingdom (updated quarterly), including manufacturer and year of release.

Important! Game selection subject to change. In order to keep our gaming options fresh and exciting for our customers, we frequently rotate games in and out of inventory, change game locations and so forth. If you’re planning a visit to play a specific game, call us first to make sure it’s on the floor and operational!

Game NameLocationManufacturerGame Type
Air Hockey Fast Track 2005 KingdomSamAction
Beer PongKingdomBay TekAction
Boxer KickerKingdomPro GamesAction
Pacman Smash Slim LineKingdomNamcoAction
Touch Tunes Virtuo IIKingdomJuke Box
CarouselKingdomKiddie Ride
Candy Crane HouseKingdomSmartMerchandiser
Color MatchKingdomLAIMerchandiser
Jumbo Prize CubeKingdomCoast to CoastMerchandiser
Prize Box CraneKingdomLAIMerchandiser
Prize Time Deluxe 45" BlueKingdomMerchandiser
Prize Time Deluxe 45" GreenKingdomSmartMerchandiser
Winners CubeKingdomAndamiroMerchandiser
Wonka SweetlandKingdomNamcoMerchandiser
Elvis KingdomSternPinball
High SpeedKingdomWilliamsPinball
Indiana JonesKingdomWilliamsPinball
Indiana JonesKingdomSternPinball
Lord of the RingsKingdomSternPinball
Monopoly KingdomSternPinball
Pirates of the CarribeanKingdomSternPinball
Ripley's Believe it or NotKingdomSternPinball
Simpsons Pinball PartyKingdomSternPinball
South ParkKingdomSegaPinball
Star WarsKingdomData EastPinball
Terminator 2KingdomWilliamsPinball
Twilight ZoneKingdomBallyPinball
World Cup SoccerKingdomBallyPinball
Acorn DropKingdomBenchmarkRedemption
Big Bass WheelKingdomBay TekRedemption
Crossy RoadsKingdomAdrenalineRedemption
Cyclone KingdomICERedemption
DC Super Heroes (Pusher)KingdomAndamiroRedemption
Deal or No DealKingdomICERedemption
Down the ClownKingdomICERedemption
Elvis (Pusher)KingdomRedemption
Fishbowl FrenzyKingdomTeam PlayRedemption
Flamin FingerKingdomNamcoRedemption
Fruit NinjaKingdomAdrenalineRedemption
Ghost Town KingdomLAIRedemption
Go Go PonyKingdomIGSRedemption
Gold Zone KingdomBenchmarkRedemption
Harpoon Lagoon 4PLKingdomICERedemption
Hoop FeverKingdomICERedemption
Hoop FeverKingdomICERedemption
Ice Ball KingdomICERedemption
Ice Ball KingdomICERedemption
Ice Ball KingdomICERedemption
Ice Ball KingdomICERedemption
King of the Big WheelKingdomBay TekRedemption
Major LeagueKingdomICERedemption
Monopoly Pusher VideoKingdomICERedemption
Monster Drop Extreme SingleKingdomBenchmarkRedemption
Nascar Pusher 8 PlayerKingdomCoastal AmusementsRedemption
Pacman ChompKingdomRaw ThrillsRedemption
Pharaohs TreasureKingdomUnisRedemption
Pirate's HookKingdomUnisRedemption
Pop it for GoldKingdomBenchmarkRedemption
Raptor CaptorKingdomFive Star RedemptionRedemption
Simpsons SoccerKingdomCoastal AmusementsRedemption
Slam A WinnerKingdomBenchmarkRedemption
Space Invader Frenzy KingdomRaw ThrillsRedemption
Spin n' WinKingdomSkeeballRedemption
Subway SurferKingdomCoastal AmusementsRedemption
Twilight CraneKingdomCoast to CoastRedemption
Two minute drillKingdomICERedemption
Wheel n' DealKingdomBenchmarkRedemption
Wheel of Fortune SpinnerKingdomICERedemption
Wizard of Oz PusherKingdomElautRedemption
Wonder WheelKingdomBay TekRedemption
Ticket StationKingdomBenchmarkTicket Eater
Ticket StationKingdomBenchmarkTicket Eater
Big Buck Hunter HDKingdomRaw Thrillsvideo
Big Buck SafariKingdomRaw Thrillsvideo
Dance Dance Revolution ExtremeKingdomKonamiVideo
Dark Escape 4DKingdomVideo
Donkey Kong Jr.KingdomNintendoVideo
Galaga 60 in 1KingdomVideo
Golden TeeKingdomIncredible Gamesvideo
Golden Tee KingdomIncredible GamesVideo
Guitar HeroKingdomvideo
House of the Dead 2KingdomSegavideo
House of the Dead 4KingdomSegavideo
Jurassic Park (Arcade Environmental)KingdomRaw Thrillsvideo
Kung Fu MasterKingdomData EastVideo
Mario Bros.KingdomNintindovideo
Mario Kart KingdomNamcoVideo
Mario Kart KingdomNamcoVideo
Mario Kart KingdomNamcoVideo
Mario Kart KingdomNamcoVideo
Mortal KombatKingdomMidwayVideo
Ms. PacmanKingdomMidwayVideo
Multi WilliamsKingdomWilliamsVideo
Need for Speed CarbonKingdomGlobal VRvideo
Need for Speed CarbonKingdomGlobal VRvideo
Need for Speed CarbonKingdomGlobal VRvideo
Need for Speed CarbonKingdomGlobal VRvideo
Percussion MasterKingdomIGSvideo
Space InvadersKingdomRaw Thrillsvideo
Star Wars Battle Pods KingdomRaw ThrillsVideo
Star Wars Battle Pods KingdomRaw ThrillsVideo
Star Wars Trilogy KingdomSegavideo
Street Fighter 4Kingdomvideo
Street Fighter Alpha 3KingdomCapcomVideo
Super Bikes KingdomRaw Thrillsvideo
Super Bikes KingdomRaw Thrillsvideo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4PLKingdomKonamivideo
Terminator Salvation 42"KingdomRaw Thrillsvideo
Time Crisis 4 KingdomNamcovideo
Walking Dead Environmental, TheKingdomRaw ThrillsVideo
X-Men 4PLKingdomKonamiVideo
Change Machine BC3500Kingdom
Bean Bag TossKingdom Redemption
Ticket Time Crane (Green Double)Kingdom SmartRedemption
Cruis'n BlastKingdom Video
TempestKingdom video
Change Machine BC3500Kingdom 
Change Machine BC3500Kingdom 
KioskKingdom Semnox