Pinballz Kingdom offers a terrific variety of games. We have pinball machines, modern and classic video games, and ticket redemption games where the fun never ends. Here is a list of the current games inventory at Pinballz Kingdom (updated quarterly), including manufacturer and year of release.

Important! Game selection subject to change. In order to keep our gaming options fresh and exciting for our customers, we frequently rotate games in and out of inventory, change game locations and so forth. If you’re planning a visit to play a specific game, call us first to make sure it’s on the floor and operational!

LocationGameManufacturerYearGame TypePlayers
Pinballz KingdomBig BuckStern2010Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomBlack KnightWilliams1980Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomBlack Knight 2000Williams1989Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomBride of Pinbot (The Machine)Williams1991Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomElvisStern2004Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomFunhouseWilliams1990Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomHarley DavidsonSega1999Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomHigh SpeedWilliams1986Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomIndiana JonesWilliams1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomJurassic ParkData East1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomKISSStern2015Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomLord of the RingsStern2003Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomMonopolyStern2001Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomNBA FastbreakMidway1997Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomPhantom of the OperaData East1990Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomPirates of the CaribbeanStern2006Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomPlayboyStern2002Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomRipley’s Believe It or NotStern2003Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomSimpsons Pinball PartyStern2003Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomSorcererWilliams1985Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomSouth ParkSega1999Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomStar Trek 25th AnniversaryData East1991Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomStar Trek LEStern2013Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomStar Wars TrilogySega1997Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomStrike MasterWilliams1991Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomStrikes N SparesBally1978Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomThe ShadowMidway1994Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomTwilight ZoneMidway1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomWhite WaterWilliams1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomWorld Cup SoccerMidway1994Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomWorld Poker TourStern2006Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomAcorn DropFamily Fun CompanyPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomAll American ChickenParSal Vending2012Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomBasket FortuneFamily Fun CompanyPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomBig Bass WheelBay-Tek2008Prize Game2
Pinballz KingdomCandy CanePrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomCapsule ClawHoming Game2015Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomColor MatchLeisure & Allied Industries2014Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomCycloneICEPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomDeal or No DealICE2007Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomDizzy ChickenBay-TekPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomDown the ClownICE2014Prize Game2
Pinballz KingdomDunk N AlienICEPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomElvis PusherCoastal Amusements2012Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomFishbowl FrenzyTeam Play2015Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomFlamin FingerNamco2003Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomFruit NinjaAdrenaline Amusements2014Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomGhost TownBromley1991Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomGold ZoneBenchmark Games2000Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomHarpoon LagoonICE1990Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomIce Ball SkeeBallICE2005Prize Game6
Pinballz KingdomKey MasterSega2011Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomKing of the Big WheelBMIPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomMonster DropBenchmark GamesPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomNascar PusherBMIPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomPharaoh’s TreasureUniversal SpacePrize Game4
Pinballz KingdomPile UpPrimetime AmusementsPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomPirate’s HookUniversal SpacePrize Game4
Pinballz KingdomPop It for GoldBenchmark2007Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSega UFO Catcher CraneSegaPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSimpsons Kooky CarnivalStern2006Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSimpsons SoccerCoastal Amusements2012Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSlam A WinnerBenchmark2008Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSpace BallzJennison Entertainment2010Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomStacker CranePrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSubway SurfersCoastal Amusements2014Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSuper Shot BasketballSkee-BallPrize Game3
Pinballz KingdomThe Price Is RightICE2009Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomWhack N WinICEPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomWheel DealBenchmarkPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomWheel of Fortune PusherICE2001Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomWheel of Fortune SpinnerRaw Thrills2010Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomWizard of Oz PusherElaut2010Prize Game6
Pinballz KingdomWonder WheelBaytek2000Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomAir HockeyOther Game4
Pinballz KingdomBatmanRaw Thrills2013Driving Game1
Pinballz KingdomBig Buck Hunter HDRaw Thrills2012Shooting Game1
Pinballz KingdomBig Buck Hunter SafariRaw ThrillsShooting Game1
Pinballz KingdomCruis'n WorldMidway1996Driving Game1
Pinballz KingdomDance Dance Revolution ExtremeKonami2002Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomDerby Owners ClubSega2002Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomDonkey Kong JrNintendo1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomGalagaMidway1981Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomGauntletAtari2000Video Arcade Game4
Pinballz KingdomGhost SquadSega2004Shooting Game1
Pinballz KingdomGhosts N GoblinsCapcom1985Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomGolden TeeIncredible Technologies2016 SoftwareVideo Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomGuitar HeroKonami / Activision2008Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomHouse of the Dead 2Sega2002Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomHouse of Dead 4Sega2005Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomIce Cold BeerTaito1983Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomJambo SafariSega1999Driving Game1
Pinballz KingdomJurassic Park ArcadeRaw Thrills2015Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomKiller Instinct 2Midway1996Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomKung-Fu MasterData East1984Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMadden Season 2Global VR2006Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMario BrosNintendo1983Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMario KartNamco2008Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMillipedeAtari1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMortal KombatMidway1995Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMs. Pac-ManMidway1981Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMulti WilliamsWilliamsVideo Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomNeed for SpeedGlobal VR2003Driving Game2
Pinballz KingdomMadden NFL FootballGlobal VR2004Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomNX AbsoluteAndamiro2006Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomParadise LostGlobal VR2007Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomPhoto BoothVideo Arcade Game1
Pinballz KingdomQ*BertGottlieb1983Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomRamboSega2008Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomThe SimpsonsKonami1991Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomSpace InvadersTaito1978Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomStar Wars TrilogySega1998Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomStreet Fighter IVCapcom2008Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomSuper BikesRaw Thrills2010Driving Game2
Pinballz KingdomTarget Terror GoldRaw Thrills2004Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomTekken 5Namco2005Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesData East1991Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomTempestAtari1981Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomTerminator SalvationRaw Thrills2009Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomTime Crisis 3Namco2003Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomTime Crisis 4Namco2006Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomTronBally Midway1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomUltracade 200:1Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomZoltarAbigfun Toys Co.1967Other Game1