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Pinballz Lake Creek

Pinballz Lake Creek offers a huge variety of games. We have some of the top pinball machines, both modern and classic video games, and ticket redemption games where the fun never ends. Here is a list of the current games inventory at Pinballz Lake Creek (updated quarterly), including manufacturer and year of release.

Important! Game selection subject to change. In order to keep our gaming options fresh and exciting for our customers, we frequently rotate games in and out of inventory, change game locations and so forth. If you’re planning a visit to play a specific game, call us first to make sure it’s on the floor and operational!

Game NameLocationManufacturerGame Type
Air Hockey  Dynamo Black lightLake CreekDynamoAction
Air Hockey Fast Track Baby AirLake CreekSamAction
Beer PongLake CreekBay TekAction
Fooseball TableLake CreekAction
Pacman Smash Slim LineLake CreekNamcoAction
Strike MasterLake CreekAction
Mini Bowling Lake CreekAttraction
Mini Bowling Lake CreekAttraction
Mini Bowling Lake CreekAttraction
Change Machine BC3500Lake CreekRoweChange Machine
Change Machine BC3500Lake CreekRoweChange Machine
Change Machine BC3500Lake CreekRoweChange Machine
Change Machine BC3500Lake CreekRoweChange Machine
Change Machine BC3500Lake CreekRoweChange Machine
Touch Tunes Virtuo IILake CreekJuke Box
Alien Boogie Patrol (Kiddie Ride)Lake CreekKiddie Ride
Frog (Kiddie Ride)Lake CreekKiddie Ride
Pinto Horse (Kiddie Ride)Lake CreekKiddie Ride
KioskLake CreekSemnoxKiosk
KioskLake CreekSemnoxKiosk
All American ChickenLake CreekMerchandiser
Baber Cut LiteLake CreekMerchandiser
Big One CraneLake CreekElautMerchandiser
Boxer GiftLake CreekMerchandiser
Candy Crane HouseLake CreekSmartMerchandiser
Capsule ClawLake CreekImpulseMerchandiser
Color Match Lake CreekLAIMerchandiser
Face Place DeluxeLake CreekMerchandiser
Fun-E-BallLake CreekFUNMerchandiser
Hero of RobotsLake CreekWalapMerchandiser
iCubeLake CreekAndamiroMerchandiser
InjusticeLake CreekRaw ThrillsMerchandiser
KeymasterLake CreekMerchandiser
Mega StackerLake CreekLAIMerchandiser
Pinnacle CraneLake CreekMerchandiser
Prize Box LAI Crane #1Lake CreekLAIMerchandiser
Prize Box LAI Crane #2Lake CreekLAIMerchandiser
Prize Time Deluxe 45" BlueLake CreekSmartMerchandiser
Prize Time Deluxe 45" GreenLake CreekSmartMerchandiser
Route 66 Candy CraneLake CreekSmartMerchandiser
Sega UFO Catcher (Crane)Lake CreekMerchandiser
Winners Cube Lake CreekAndamiroMerchandiser
ZoltarLake CreekMerchandiser
Addams FamilyLake CreekBallyPinball
AG FootballLake CreekAlvin GPinball
Americas Most Haunted Lake CreekSpooky PinballPinball
Barb WireLake CreekGottleibPinball
Batman Dark KnightLake CreekSternPinball
Bay WatchLake CreekSegaPinball
Big HurtLake CreekPinball
Black Knight   Lake CreekWilliamsPinball
Black Knight 2000Lake CreekWilliamsPinball
Black RoseLake CreekBallyPinball
Bow and ArrowLake CreekPinball
Break ShotLake CreekPinball
Captain FantasticLake CreekPinball
Champion PubLake CreekBallyPinball
Creature from the Black LagoonLake CreekBallyPinball
CycloneLake CreekWilliamsPinball
DefenderLake CreekPinball
Doctor WhoLake CreekPinball
Dr. DudeLake CreekBallyPinball
DraculaLake CreekWilliamsPinball
Earth ShakerLake CreekWilliamsPinball
ElvisLake CreekSternPinball
Fire! Lake CreekWilliamsPinball
FirepowerLake CreekWilliamsPinball
Fish TalesLake CreekWilliamsPinball
FlashLake CreekPinball
FlintstonesLake CreekWilliamsPinball
FrankensteinLake CreekSegaPinball
Freddy A Nightmare on Elm St.Lake CreekGottleibPinball
FunhouseLake CreekWilliamsPinball
Gaurdians of the Galaxy PremiumLake CreekSternPinball
GhostbustersLake CreekSternPinball
Gilligan's IslandLake CreekBallyPinball
Grand LizardLake CreekWilliamsPinball
Guns N RosesLake CreekGottleibPinball
Haunted HouseLake CreekGottleibPinball
Haunted HouseLake CreekGottleibPinball
HerculesLake CreekAtariPinball
High SpeedLake CreekWilliamsPinball
High Speed 2: The GetawayLake CreekWilliamsPinball
HookLake CreekData EastPinball
Independence DayLake CreekSegaPinball
Indiana JonesLake CreekPinball
Indianapolis 500Lake CreekBallyPinball
Johnny MnemonicLake CreekWilliamsPinball
JokerzLake CreekPinball
Judge DreddLake CreekBallyPinball
Jurassic ParkLake CreekData EastPinball
KISSLake CreekBallyPinball
Laser WarLake CreekPinball
Lethal Weapon 3Lake CreekData EastPinball
MaverickLake CreekPinball
Medieval MadnessLake CreekPinball
MeteorLake CreekSternPinball
Party ZoneLake CreekBallyPinball
PinbotLake CreekWilliamsPinball
Pistol PokerLake CreekPinball
PlayboyLake CreekSternPinball
Pool SharksLake CreekPinball
Revenge from MarsLake CreekWilliamsPinball
River Boat GamblerLake CreekPinball
RoadshowLake CreekWilliamsPinball
Roller Coaster TycoonLake CreekSternPinball
Shrek Lake CreekSternPinball
Simpsons Pinball PartyLake CreekSternPinball
South Park Lake CreekSegaPinball
SpidermanLake CreekSternPinball
Star TrekLake CreekSternPinball
Star Trek Next GenLake CreekWilliamsPinball
Star Wars DELake CreekData EastPinball
Starship TroopersLake CreekSegaPinball
Street Fighter II Lake CreekCapcomPinball
Tales From the CryptLake CreekData EastPinball
TaxiLake CreekWilliamsPinball
The Machine: Bride of PinbotLake CreekPinball
Theater of MagicLake CreekBallyPinball
Time MachineLake CreekPinball
Twilight ZoneLake CreekBallyPinball
Who DunnitLake CreekBallyPinball
Big Bass WheelLake CreekBay TekRedemption
Bubble UpLake CreekRedemption
Chameleon Paradise Lake CreekBay TekRedemption
Colorama 4PLake CreekBromlyRedemption
Crazy Tower 4PLLake CreekAdrenalineRedemption
Cyclone Lake CreekICERedemption
Cyclone Lake CreekICERedemption
DC Super Heroes (Pusher)Lake CreekAndamiroRedemption
Deal or No DealLake CreekICERedemption
Deep FreezeLake CreekBay TekRedemption
Disco Fever (Pusher)Lake CreekRedemption
Dizzy ChickenLake CreekBay TekRedemption
Down the ClownLake CreekICERedemption
Dunk'n Alien Lake CreekICERedemption
Dunk'n Alien Lake CreekICERedemption
Duo DriveLake CreekUnisRedemption
Elvis (Pusher) Lake CreekCoastal AmusementsRedemption
Fishbowl FrenzyLake CreekRedemption
Flappy BirdsLake CreekBay TekRedemption
Frantic FredLake CreekICERedemption
Fruit NinjaLake CreekAdrenalineRedemption
Galactix 3PLLake CreekRedemption
Ghost Town Lake CreekLAIRedemption
Go BallisticLake CreekICERedemption
Gold FishinLake CreekICERedemption
Guitar HeroLake CreekRedemption
Harpoon Lagoon 4pLake CreekICERedemption
Hoop FeverLake CreekICERedemption
Hoop Fever Lake CreekICERedemption
Hoop Fever Lake CreekICERedemption
Hoop Fever Lake CreekICERedemption
Hot Seat, TheLake CreekUnisRedemption
Hungry DragonLake CreekUnisRedemption
Hyper ShootLake CreekRedemption
Hyper ShootLake CreekRedemption
Hyper ShootLake CreekRedemption
Ice Ball Lake CreekICERedemption
Ice Ball Lake CreekICERedemption
Ice Ball Lake CreekICERedemption
Ice Ball Lake CreekICERedemption
Ice Ball Lake CreekICERedemption
Ice Ball Lake CreekICERedemption
Ice ManLake CreekRedemption
Jetpack JoyrideLake CreekRedemption
Let's BounceLake CreekLAIRedemption
Milk Jug TossLake CreekICERedemption
Mini DunxxLake CreekICERedemption
Monopoly JackpotLake CreekSternRedemption
Monster Drop Extreme 1Lake CreekBenchmarkRedemption
Monster Drop Extreme 2Lake CreekBenchmarkRedemption
OperationLake CreekRedemption
Pacman Pusher 6PLLake CreekRedemption
Pharaohs Treasure Lake CreekUnisRedemption
Pirate's Hook Lake CreekRedemption
Pirate's RevengeLake CreekFive Star RedemptionRedemption
Price Is Right Pusher 6pLake CreekICERedemption
Prize Time Deluxe 45" GreenLake CreekRedemption
Raptor CaptorLake CreekFive Star RedemptionRedemption
Seawolf RedemptionLake CreekRedemption
Slam A Winner Lake CreekBenchmarkRedemption
Smokin TokenLake CreekBay TekRedemption
Space Invader FrenzyLake CreekRaw ThrillsRedemption
SpaceballzLake CreekLAIRedemption
Spider StompinLake CreekRedemption
SpongeBob Pusher 2PLLake CreekAndamiroRedemption
Ticket CircusLake CreekElautRedemption
Ticket Time Crane (Blue Single)Lake CreekSmartRedemption
Ticket Time Crane (Green Double)Lake CreekSmartRedemption
Tower Tickets 4PLLake CreekBay TekRedemption
Whack N WinLake CreekICERedemption
Wheel of Fortune SpinnerLake CreekICERedemption
Willy Wonka Pusher 2PLLake CreekElautRedemption
Wizard of Oz PusherLake CreekElautRedemption
Wonder Wheel Lake CreekBay TekRedemption
Wonder Wheel Lake CreekBay TekRedemption
Ticket Station Green 4 SidedLake CreekBenchmarkTicket Eater
Ticket Station Purple 4 SidedLake CreekBenchmarkTicket Eater
Fun-E-BallLake CreekVending
18 WheelerLake CreekSegaVideo
Aliens ArmageddonLake CreekRaw ThrillsVideo
Alpine RacerLake CreekNamcoVideo
AsteroidsLake CreekVideo
Asteroids CocktailLake CreekVideo
Asteroids DeluxeLake CreekVideo
Battle ZoneLake CreekVideo
Big Buck Hunter HD 75"Lake CreekRaw ThrillsVideo
Big Buck Safari 42"Lake CreekRaw Thrillsvideo
Black WidowLake Creekvideo
BlasteroidsLake Creekvideo
Break OutLake Creekvideo
CentipedeLake Creekvideo
Centipede (60 in 1)Lake CreekVideo
CommandoLake CreekVideo
Cross BowLake CreekVideo
CyberballLake CreekVideo
Dance Dance Revolution 4th MixLake CreekKonamiVideo
DefenderLake Creekvideo
Discs of TronLake Creekvideo
Dolphin BlueLake Creekvideo
Donkey KongLake CreekVideo
Donkey Kong 3Lake CreekNintendovideo
Double DragonLake CreekVideo
Dragons LairLake CreekVideo
Fast & FuriousLake Creekvideo
Football (Cocktail)Lake CreekAtariVideo
FroggerLake CreekVideo
FrontlineLake CreekVideo
GalagaLake CreekVideo
Gauntlet 4pLake CreekVideo
GhostbustersLake CreekVideo
Golden Tee Lake CreekVideo
GorfLake CreekVideo
GravitarLake CreekVideo
House of the Dead Lake CreekVideo
House of the Dead 2Lake CreekVideo
House of the Dead 4Lake CreekVideo
Ice Cold BeerLake CreekVideo
Ice Cold BeerLake CreekVideo
JoustLake CreekVideo
Jungle KingLake CreekVideo
Jurassic Park (Arcade Environmental)Lake CreekRaw ThrillsVideo
KangarooLake CreekVideo
Karate ChampLake CreekVideo
Killer Instinct 2Lake CreekVideo
Killer QueenLake CreekVideo
Let's Go Jungle EnvironmentalLake CreekSegaVideo
Lunar LanderLake CreekVideo
Mad PlanetsLake CreekVideo
Major HavokLake CreekVideo
Mario Bros.Lake CreekVideo
Mario Kart Lake CreekNamcoVideo
Mario Kart Lake CreekNamcoVideo
Mario Kart Lake CreekNamcoVideo
Mario Kart Lake CreekNamcoVideo
Marvel vs Capcom 2Lake CreekVideo
Marvel vs Capcom 3Lake CreekVideo
Mega Touch 1Lake CreekVideo
Mega Touch 2Lake CreekVideo
Missle CommandLake CreekVideo
Mortal KombatLake CreekVideo
Mortal Kombat 3Lake CreekVideo
Mr. Do!Lake CreekUniversalVideo
Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Namco ClassicsLake CreekVideo
Ms. Pacman 60 in 1Lake CreekVideo
Nascar 27" DriverLake CreekGlobal VRVideo
Nascar 27" Driver 1Lake CreekGlobal VRVideo
Nascar 42" DriverLake CreekGlobal VRVideo
Nascar 42" Driver 1Lake CreekGlobal VRVideo
NBA JamLake CreekVideo
NFL Blitz 2K GoldLake CreekVideo
OctagonLake CreekVideo
Omega Race Lake CreekVideo
Outrun TurboLake CreekVideo
Pacman Battle Royale Lake CreekVideo
Paradise Lost EnvironmentalLake CreekVideo
Percussion MasterLake CreekIGSVideo
PhoenixLake CreekVideo
Pole PositionLake CreekVideo
PopeyeLake CreekVideo
Primal RageLake CreekVideo
Pump It Up NX AbsoluteLake CreekVideo
PyrosLake CreekVideo
Qbert (Cocktail)Lake CreekVideo
QuasarLake CreekVideo
QuasarLake CreekVideo
RampageLake CreekVideo
ReactorLake CreekVideo
RoboTron 2084Lake CreekVideo
Rockin' Bowl O' RamaLake CreekNamcoVideo
Rush 2049Lake CreekVideo
Satans HollowLake CreekVideo
Simpsons 4PLLake CreekVideo
Simpsons BowlingLake CreekVideo
SinistarLake CreekVideo
SkydiverLake CreekVideo
Space Duel (Cocktail)Lake CreekVideo
Space InvadersLake CreekVideo
Star Trek VoyagerLake CreekVideo
Star Wars Battlepod 42"Lake CreekNamcoVideo
Star Wars Battlepod 42" Lake CreekNamcoVideo
Star Wars Pod RacerLake CreekVideo
Star Wars TrilogyLake CreekSegaVideo
StargateLake CreekVideo
Steel GunnerLake CreekVideo
Street Fighter IILake CreekVideo
SubsLake CreekVideo
Super Bikes Lake CreekRaw ThrillsVideo
Super Bikes Lake CreekRaw ThrillsVideo
Super Bikes Lake CreekRaw ThrillsVideo
Super Bikes Lake CreekRaw ThrillsVideo
Super Bikes 2 Lake CreekRaw ThrillsVideo
Super Bikes 2 Lake CreekRaw ThrillsVideo
Super CarsLake CreekRaw ThrillsVideo
Super Street Fighter IVLake CreekVideo
TapperLake CreekVideo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4PLLake CreekVideo
Tekken 5Lake CreekVideo
TempestLake CreekVideo
Terminator Salvation Super DLXLake CreekVideo
Thunder BladeLake CreekVideo
Time Crisis 3 Lake CreekVideo
Time Crisis 4 Lake CreekVideo
TronLake CreekVideo
TutankhamLake CreekVideo
UltracadeLake CreekVideo
Viper Phase 1Lake CreekVideo
Virtua On LeftLake CreekVideo
Virtua On RightLake CreekVideo
WackoLake CreekVideo
WarLords (Cocktail)Lake CreekVideo
Worlds Largest PacmanLake CreekRaw ThrillsVideo
X-Men 4PLLake CreekKonamiVideo
Zaxxon (Cocktail)Lake CreekVideo
Asteroids DeluxeLake CreekVideo