The Original Pinballz Arcade offers a huge variety of games. We have our largest collection of pinball machines of all our locations, both modern and classic video games, and ticket redemption games where the fun never ends. Here is a list of the current games inventory at The Original Pinballz Arcade (updated quarterly), including manufacturer and year of release.

Important! Game selection subject to change. In order to keep our gaming options fresh and exciting for our customers, we frequently rotate games in and out of inventory, change game locations and so forth. If you’re planning a visit to play a specific game, call us first to make sure it’s on the floor and operational!

Game NameLocationManufacturerGame Type
Air Hockey Fast Track 2005 ArcadeSamAction
Boxer ChampionArcadePro GamesAction
Pacman Smash Slim LineArcadeNamcoAction
Change Machine BC3500ArcadeRoweChange Machine
Change Machine BC3500ArcadeRoweChange Machine
Change Machine BC3500ArcadeRoweChange Machine
Change Machine BC3500ArcadeRoweChange Machine
Touch Tunes Virtuo IIArcadeTouch TuneJuke Box
Barber CutArcadeMerchandiser
Candy Crane HouseArcadeSmartMerchandiser
Color MatchArcadeMerchandiser
Flamin FingerArcadeMerchandiser
Fun Stop PhotoArcadeTeam PlayMerchandiser
InjusticeArcadeRaw ThrillsMerchandiser
PILE UPArcadeMerchandiser
Prize Box CraneArcadeLAI GamesMerchandiser
Prize Time 31" BlueArcadeSmart IndustriesMerchandiser
Prize Time 31" GreenArcadeSmart IndustriesMerchandiser
Prize Time Deluxe 45" BlueArcadeSmart IndustriesMerchandiser
Trap DoorArcadeMerchandiser
UFO Catcher CraneArcadeSegaMerchandiser
007 Golden EyeArcadeSegaPinball
Addams FamilyArcadeBallyPinball
AG FootballArcadeAlvin GPinball
AG SoccerArcadeAlvin GPinball
Apollo 13ArcadePinball
Austin PowersArcadeSternPinball
Banzai Run prototypeArcadeWilliamsPinball
Batman '66ArcadePinball
Batman Dark KnightArcadeSternPinball
Big GunsArcadeWilliamsPinball
Black KnightArcadeWilliamsPinball
Black Knight 2000ArcadeWilliamsPinball
Black RoseArcadeBallyPinball
Bugs Bunny Birthday BallArcadeWilliamsPinball
Captain FantasticArcadeBallyPinball
Champion PubArcadeBallyPinball
Cirqus VoltaireArcadeBallyPinball
Dirty HarryArcadeWilliamsPinball
Doctor WhoArcadePinball
Elvira & the Party MonstersArcadeBallyPinball
Family GuyArcadeSternPinball
Fireball 2ArcadeBallyPinball
Fish Tales ArcadeWilliamsPinball
Freddy A Nightmare on Elm St.ArcadeGottleibPinball
Gaurdians of the Galaxy PremiumArcadeSternPinball
Guns N RosesArcadeData EastPinball
Harley DavidsonArcadePinball
High Roller CasinoArcadeSternPinball
High Speed 2: The GetawayArcadeWilliamsPinball
HobbitArcadeJersey JackPinball
Hula-HulaArcadeChicago CoinPinball
Indiana Jones ArcadeSternPinball
Indiana Jones ArcadeWilliamsPinball
Iron ManArcadeSternPinball
Jurassic ParkArcadeData EastPinball
Lights Camera ActionArcadePinball
Lost in Space ArcadeSegaPinball
Lost WorldArcadeBallyPinball
Medieval MadnessArcadeWilliamsPinball
Mousing AroundArcadeBallyPinball
Mr & Mrs Pac Man ArcadeBallyPinball
Nitro Ground ShakerArcadeBallyPinball
No Good GofersArcadePinball
Phantom of the OperaArcadeData EastPinball
Pinball MagicArcadeCapcomPinball
Pirates of the CaribbeanArcadeSternPinball
Revenge From MarsArcadeWilliamsPinball
Road ShowArcadeWilliamsPinball
Safe CrackerArcadePinball
Silver BallArcadePinball
Simpsons Pinball PartyArcadeSternPinball
South ParkArcadeSegaPinball
Space ShuttleArcadePinball
Star Trek 25th ArcadeData EastPinball
Star Trek 78'ArcadeBallyPinball
Star Trek Next GenArcadeWilliamsPinball
Star Trek Stern 2013ArcadeSternPinball
Star Wars DEArcadeData EastPinball
Star Wars Episode 1ArcadeWilliamsPinball
Star Wars LEArcadeSternPinball
Star Wars TrilogyArcadeSegaPinball
Stargate ArcadeGottleibPinball
Super Mario Bros. PinballArcadeGottleibPinball
Tales of the Arabian NightsArcadeWilliamsPinball
Target PoolArcadeGottleibPinball
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesArcadeData EastPinball
Terminator 2ArcadeWilliamsPinball
The Machine: Bride of PinbotArcadeWilliamsPinball
Theatre of MagicArcadePinball
TommyArcadeData EastPinball
Tron LegacyArcadeSternPinball
Twilight ZoneArcadePinball
Twister ArcadeSegaPinball
Walking Dead, TheArcadeSternPinball
Water WorldArcadePinball
Wizard of Oz ArcadeJersey JackPinball
World Poker TourArcadePinball
X FilesArcadeSegaPinball
Betty Bling (Pusher)ArcadeRedemption
Big Bass WheelArcadeBay TekRedemption
Buzzy Buzzy BeeArcadeRedemption
Chameleon Paradise ArcadeRedemption
Crossy RoadsArcadeAdrenalineRedemption
Cyclone ArcadeICERedemption
Cyclone JrArcadeRedemption
DC Super Heroes (Pusher)ArcadeAndamiroRedemption
Deal or No DealArcadeICERedemption
Disco Fever (Pusher)ArcadeRedemption
Dizzy ChickenArcadeRedemption
Dog PounderArcadeRedemption
Down the ClownArcadeRedemption
Elvis (Pusher)ArcadeRedemption
Flippa WinnaArcadeRedemption
Ghost Town ArcadeRedemption
Gold Zone ArcadeRedemption
Harpoon Lagoon 4PlayerArcadeRedemption
Hungry DragonArcadeRedemption
Ice BallArcadeICERedemption
Ice Ball ArcadeICERedemption
Ice Ball  ArcadeICERedemption
Ice Ball  ArcadeICERedemption
Ice Ball  ArcadeICERedemption
Ice Ball  ArcadeICERedemption
Jetpack JoyrideArcadeRedemption
Monopoly JackpotArcadeSternRedemption
Monopoly Pusher ArcadeRedemption
Monopoly Pusher VideoArcadeRedemption
Monster Drop 2 PlayerArcadeBenchmarkRedemption
Pac Man Pusher 6 PlayerArcadeRedemption
Pharaoh's  Treasure ArcadeRedemption
Pirate's Hook ArcadeRedemption
Quick DropArcadeBay TekRedemption
Raptor CaptorArcadeRedemption
RedHot 2 PlayerArcadeRedemption
Shooting ManiaArcadeRedemption
Slam a WinnerArcadeRedemption
Slam N Jam Kids Bball GameArcadeRedemption
Smokin TokenArcadeRedemption
Space Invader FrenzyArcadeRedemption
Speed DemonArcadeRedemption
Super Shots ArcadeRedemption
Super Shots ArcadeRedemption
Ticket Time Crane (Green Double)ArcadeRedemption
Ticket Time Crane (Green Single)ArcadeRedemption
Twilight Ticket Crane ArcadeRedemption
Wheel of Fortune SpinnerArcadeRedemption
Wizard of Oz PusherArcadeElautRedemption
Wonder WheelArcadeBay TekRedemption
Ticket Station Purple 4 SidedArcadeTicket Eater
Ticket Station Purple 4 SidedArcadeTicket Eater
Aliens ArmageddonArcadeRaw ThrillsVideo
Aliens ExterminationArcadeVideo
Battle Zone CaberetArcadeVideo
Big Buck Hunter HDArcadeRaw ThrillsVideo
Centipede CaberetArcadeVideo
Cruis'n BlastArcadeVideo
Cruis'n BlastArcadeVideo
Dance Dance Revolution ExtremeArcadeVideo
Donkey Kong Mini CabinetArcadeVideo
Galaga 60 in 1ArcadeVideo
Gauntlet II 4 PlayerArcadeVideo
Guitar HeroArcadeVideo
House of the DeadArcadeVideo
House of the Dead 3ArcadeVideo
House of the Dead 4ArcadeVideo
Indiana Jones (Video)ArcadeVideo
Jurassic Park (Arcade Environmental)ArcadeRaw ThrillsVideo
Jurassic Park III (Shooter)ArcadeVideo
League ChampArcadeVideo
Marble Madness ArcadeVideo
Mario Bros. MultiArcadeVideo
Mario Kart ArcadeNamcoVideo
Mario Kart ArcadeNamcoVideo
Mario Kart ArcadeNamcoVideo
Mario Kart ArcadeNamcoVideo
Moon PatrolArcadeVideo
Mortal KombatArcadeVideo
Mortal Kombat 4ArcadeVideo
Mr. Do Multicade (Caberet)ArcadeVideo
Mystic Lady/Love TesterArcadeVideo
Nascar Twin Drivers 32" flat 1ArcadeVideo
Nascar Twin Drivers 32" flat 2ArcadeVideo
Off RoadArcadeVideo
Outrun 2 LArcadeVideo
Outrun 2 RArcadeVideo
Pacman Six-Pac MultiArcadeVideo
Percussion MasterArcadeVideo
Pole Position UprightArcadeVideo
Road BlastersArcadeVideo
Sea WolfArcadeVideo
Simpsons Video GameArcadeVideo
Smash TVArcadeVideo
Space Invaders DeluxeArcadeVideo
Star Wars TrilogyArcadeVideo
Star Wars VectorArcadeAtariVideo
Street Fighter IV VidArcadeVideo
Street Fighter X TekkenArcadeVideo
Super Bikes ArcadeVideo
Super Bikes ArcadeVideo
Super PacArcadeVideo
Super Punch OutArcadeVideo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4PLArcadeVideo
Tempest CabaretArcadeVideo
Terminator 2: Judgment DayArcadeVideo
Time Crisis 3 ArcadeVideo
Time Crisis 4 ArcadeVideo
Typing of the DeadArcadeVideo
Walking Dead Environmental, TheArcadeRaw ThrillsVideo
X-Men 6PLArcadeKonamiVideo
X-Men vs. Street FighterArcadeVideo
VertigoArcadeVideo Pinball