New Stern Star Trek (& maybe Wizard of Oz) Release Party!

On January 18th, we’ll be holding a release party for the new Stern Star Trek pin. We may hold a simultaneous release tournament featuring the Jersey Jack Wizard of Oz pinball, given that it’s available in time (as of 1/2/14, it’s still out of commission). Here are the details of the event:

Date: Saturday, January 18th

Time: Open qualification will run from 11:00am-3:30pm (last game starts no later than 3:30).

Finals begin at 4:00 pm for Star Trek. Should there be a Wizard of Oz tournament as well, those finals will begin ~15 minutes after the end of the Star Trek finals. In the (unlikely) event that there is no overlap in the contestant pools, the Wizard of Oz finals will take place at the same time as the Star Trek finals.

Format/Price: $5 for a first entry, $3 for each subsequent entry. Each entry constitutes a single solo play on the machine, and the player’s highest score stands regardless of when the game is played. Play order priority goes to players who have not yet played their first game. The top four scorers on the machine will constitute an A division final. The next four highest scorers who are eligible for B division will constitute a B division final.┬áIf we have two machines, the tournaments will be separate and will have this same structure.

A player is restricted from participating in the B division if any of the following criteria are met:

-Player ranks 750 or higher in IFPA WPP Ranking

-Player has won the B division of the previous Pinballz tournament event (PAPA Circuit, Dec. 6th-8th)

-Player has qualified in the top 8 of a Pinballz tournament in the past six months (Summer of Magic, Hallow-Scream, PAPA Circuit)

Finals structure: Four player head to head, best score of three matches wins, using 4-2-1-0 scoring.

Players not present at the beginning of finals will be given 5 minutes to show up, after which their position will be given to the next highest ranked eligible player.

Prizes: Prizes will consist of cash, and possibly other cool prizes!