Game Testers Wanted

Sorry, All Available Slots Have Been Filled!

Logged a Life on Arcade  Games?
You Just Might Be An Expert!

Hey, all you gamers out there. Pinballz is about to open our third location in Austin next week. In preparation we are holding a couple of game test sessions this Sunday, May 1. We have 50 slots per session. No kids and only serious and experienced gamers please. On game test day we will test 60 or so pins, 50 or so classic vids, 100+ new vids and redemption, plus our new attractions. We’re looking to find all the little (or big) issues we have with each game and fix them before we open next week. Each game will be played four times and the player will note any issues, along with testing the card reader or coin mech, ticket payouts, etc. No prizes can be won but it will still be fun. 

Only Serious, Certifiable Gamers Need Apply!

If you are interested in helping us out please fill out the form on this page. Along with the typical contact questions, you’ll find a quiz to test your arcade knowledge. Pinball testers need the most know-how, but if you want to test video and redemption games, a lifelong love of arcades will suffice!

After you complete the form and quiz, watch for an email with your invitation to the event!