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Arcade Games & Attractions

Remember the arcades in the 80s?

We do.

Pinballz has the largest and most extensive selection of solid-state Pinball Machines to play in the country. There are between 30–100 pinball machines operational on the floor of any Pinballz at any time, including most of the top 25 rated games of all time! We also have over 100 additional new and classic arcade games including driving, shooting, dancing game, air hockey tables, and skeeball. We boast a large complement of both instant prize and ticket prize games. Our fully stocked redemption counter contains hundreds of child and adult prizes from the 80s through present day. Adding to our games, we have exhilarating attractions too, like indoor and outdoor laser tag, laser maze, mini bowling, and our incredible 7D Dark Ride Theater!

Note: Not all locations offer all attractions. Click the Location Tickets in the sidebar to see exactly what games and attractions each location offers. You can also search for your favorite game!