Lake Creek

Amazing 7D multi-sensory experience.

Available only at Pinballz Lake Creek! Our 7D Dark Ride Adventure Theater takes up to eight riders on an adrenaline-charged journey through an interactive adventure complete with real-time 3D graphics, motion, light, sound and non-stop excitement.

The Pinballz 7D Dark Ride Adventure offers six different themed experiences, ensuring that riders of all ages can pick an adventure that will leave them breathless.

Choose from Six Exciting Adventures

Like scary movies? Use a “light gun” attached to each seat to fight off the gruesome walking dead in the film “Zombies” and vicious lycanthropes in “Werewolves.”

Sound too scary? Kids (and the easily spooked!) can visit the wild west and battle a posse of robot cowboys in “Los Banditos,” or take to the high seas to  fight off pirates and recover lost treasure in “Pirates.”

Is sci-fi action more your thing? Then fight for survival in a road race across a post-apocalyptic wasteland in “Road Fighters” or team up to save New York City from destruction by an enormous monster in “Gigamon.”


Single Ride: $9 or  Skip the Line with a Fast Pass for $10

Want to ride with a group, or try multiple adventures? Multi-ride discount packs are available! Ask a member of our Pinballz Lake Creek staff for more information.