Escape Room Challenges at Pinballz Lake Creek

Unlock the secrets of the past, or save the future!


Introducing two brand new Escape Room Challenges at Pinballz Lake Creek!

THE DA VINCI CODE: Travel back in time as you view and explore Leonardo Da Vinci’s art and inventions searching for clues to unlock the Cryptex and solve the riddle of the Holy Grail!

A SPACE ODYSSEY: Locked in a room with a Doomsday Device, you must uncover the clues to find the correct code to disarm the device and save the universe! Be careful, too many incorrect attempts will set off the bomb, taking you and the entire universe with it!



  • 30-45 minute Escape Room Challenge: $15 per person
    (also available as a party add-on for $12 per person)
Note: Teams can include up to 8 players. Pinballz reserves to combine smaller groups into a single experience. For private experiences, please inquire about full room pricing when contacted for reservation confirmation.


The Escape Room Challenges at Pinballz Lake Creek are available by reservation only.

To request a date and time for your escape room adventure, please call our facility at 512-537-8737 to reserve today!