Our Classic and Modern Game Collection Will Blow Your Mind!

Remember the arcades in the 80s? We do. Pinballz has the largest and most extensive selection of solid-state Pinball Machines to play in the country. There are between 30 – 100 pinball machines operational on the floor of any Pinballz at any time, including most of the top 25 rated games of all time! We also have over 100 additional new and classic arcade games including driving, shooting, dancing game, air hockey tables, and skeeball. We boast a large complement of both instant prize and ticket prize games. Our fully stocked redemption counter contains hundreds of child and adult prizes from the 80s through present day.

Below you will find every game we have, as well as the manufacturer, year of release, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, where the game is located.

Game selection subject to change. If you’re driving to the arcade to play a specific game, call the location first to make sure it’s on the floor and operational!

The Original Pinballz Arcade Game List

LocationGameManufacturerYearGame TypePlayers
The Original Pinballz ArcadeAC/DCStern2012Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeAddams FamilyBally1992Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeAmerica’s Most HauntedSpooky2014Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeApollo 13Sega1995Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeAustin PowersStern2001Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeAvatarStern2010Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBaby Pac-ManBally1982Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBanzai RunWilliams1988Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBatmanData East1991Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBatman ForeverSega1995Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBatman – The Dark KnightStern2008Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBig Buck HunterStern2010Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBlack KnightWilliams1980Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBlack Knight 2000Williams1989Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBlack RoseMidway1992Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBride of Pinbot, The MachineWilliams1991Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBuck RogersGottlieb1980Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBugs Bunny Birthday BallMidway1991Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeCaptain FantasticBally1975Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeCentaur IIBally1983Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeCirqus VoltaireWilliams1997Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeCongoWilliams1995Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeChampion PubWilliams1998Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeCreature from the Black LagoonWilliams1992Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeCue Ball WizardGottlieb1992Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDemolition ManWilliams1994Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDirty HarryWilliams1995Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDoctor WhoWilliams1992Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDraculaWilliams1993Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeEight Ball DeluxeBally1981Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeEl DoradoGottlieb1975Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeElvia & the Party MonstersMidway1989Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeFireball ClassicBally1985Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeFireball IIBally1981Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeFish TaleWilliams1992Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeFreddy: Nightmare on Elm StreetGottlieb1994Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeFun HouseWilliams1990Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGenieGottlieb1979Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGame of Thrones ProStern2015Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGorgarWilliams1979Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGrand LizardWilliams1986Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGuns N’ RosesData East1994Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHaunted HouseGottlieb1982Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHerculesAtari1979Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHigh Roller CasinoStern2001Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHigh SpeedWilliams1986Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHigh Speed II: The GetawayWilliams1992Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHula HulaChicago Coin1966Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHurricaneWilliams1991Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeIndiana JonesStern2008Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeIndiana Jones: The Pinball AdventureWilliams1993Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeIron ManStern2010Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeJack-BotWilliams1995Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeJohnny MnemonicWilliams1995Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeJunk YardWilliams1996Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeJurassic ParkData East1993Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeKISSBally1979Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeKISSStern2015Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeLast Action HeroData East1993Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeLightningStern1981Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeLord of the RingsStern2003Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeLost in SpaceSega1998Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeLost WorldBally1978Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMaverick the MovieData East1994Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMedieval MadnessWilliams1997Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMetallicaStern2013Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMonopolyStern2001Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadePac-ManBally1982Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeNASCARStern2005Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeNBA Fast BreakBally1997Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeNightmare on Elm StreetPremier Tech1994Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeNo Fear: Dangerous SportsWilliams1995Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadePhantom of the OperaData East1990Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadePin-BotWilliams1986Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadePirates of the CaribbeanStern2006Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadePlayboyStern2002Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeRevenge From MarsWilliams1999Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeRed and Ted’s Road ShowWilliams1994Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeRobocopData East1989Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeScared StiffWilliams1996Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeShrekStern2008Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSopranosStern2005Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSorcererWilliams1985Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSouth ParkSega1999Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSpace InvadersBally1980Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSpace JamSega1996Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSpider-ManStern2007Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStargateGottlieb1995Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStarship TroopersSega1997Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStar TrekBally1979Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStar TrekStern2013Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStar Trek: The Next GenerationWilliams1993Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStar Wars Episode 1Williams1999Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStreet Fighter IIGottlieb1993Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSuper Mario Bros.Premier Tech1992Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTales from the CryptData East1993Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTales of the Arabian NightsWilliams1996Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTarget PoolGottlieb1969Pinball Machine2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesData East1991Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTerminator 2: Judgment DayWilliams1991Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTerminator 3: Rise of the MachinesStern2003Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTheatre of MagicBally1995Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTransformersStern2011Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTRON: LegacyStern2011Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTwilight ZoneWilliams1993Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTwisterSega1996Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeThe Walking DeadStern2014Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeWhirlwindWilliams1990Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeWhite WaterWilliams1993Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeWHO dunnitWilliams1995Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeWizard of OzJersey Jack2013Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeX-FilesSega1997Pinball Machine4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBallistics (Twin)Triotech2012Driving Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBatmanRaw Thrills2013Driving Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMario KartNamco2013Driving Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeNascar DriverGlobal VR2010Driving Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeOutrun 2Sega2003Driving Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSuper BikesCapcom2011Driving Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeAliens ArmageddonRaw Thrills2014Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeAliens ExterminationGlobal VR2006Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeArea 51Atari Games1995Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBig Buck HunterRaw Thrills2005Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBig Buck Hunter ProRaw Thrills2005Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGhost SquadSega2004Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHouse of the DeadSega1996Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHouse of the Dead 3Sega2002Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHouse of the Dead 4Sega2005Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeLet’s Go JungleSega2006Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeParadise LostGlobal VR2007Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadePrimeval HuntSega2008Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStar Trek VoyagerTeam Play2002Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTerminator 2 Judgment DayWilliams1991Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTime Crisis 3Namco2003Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTime Crisis 4Namco2006Shooting Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeAsteroids CocktailAtari1979Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBattletoadsRare1991Video Arcade Game3
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBattlezoneAtari1980Video Arcade Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeCentipedeAtari1981Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDark Escape 3DBandai Namco2012Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDDR ExtremeKonami2002Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDisc of TronMidway1983Video Arcade Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDonkey KongNintendo1981Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDragon’s LairCinematronics1983Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGalagaMidway1981Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGauntlet: Dark LegacyAtari2000Video Arcade Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGuitar Hero ArcadeKonami / Activision2008Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeIndiana Jones and the Temple of DoomAtari1985Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeJurassic Park 3Konami2001Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeLeague ChampWilliams1996Video Arcade Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMarble MadnessAtari1984Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMario Bros. MultiNintendo1983Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMoon PatrolWilliams1982Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMortal KombatMidway1992Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMortal Kombat 4Midway1997Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMr. Do MulticadeUniversal1982Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMs. Pacman w/Multi-Game KitMidway1981Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMystic Lady1992Other Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeOff RoadLeland1989Video Arcade Game3
The Original Pinballz ArcadePac Man w/Multi-Pac KitBally1980Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadePercussion MasterIGS2004Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeQ*bertGottlieb1983Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeRampageBally/Midway1986Video Arcade Game3
The Original Pinballz ArcadeRoboTron 2084Williams1982Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSea WolfMidway1976Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSimpsons (4-Player)Konami1991Video Arcade Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSmash TVWilliams1990Video Arcade Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSoulCalibur IIINamco2006Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSpace Invaders DeluxeMidway1980Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStar WarsAtari1983Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStar Wars Battle Pods (Flatscreen)Bandai Namco2015Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStreet Fighter IV with 60" ScreenCapcom2012Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStreet Fighter MultiCapcom2012Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeStreet Fighter X Tekken with 60" ScreenCapcom2012Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSuper Pac-ManBally Midway1982Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSuper Punch OutNintendo1994Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTempestAtari1981Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTron (fully restored)Bally Midway1982Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTyping of the DeadSega1998Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeWilliams MulticadeWilliamsVideo Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeX-MenKonami1992Video Arcade Game6
The Original Pinballz ArcadeX-Men Vs. Street FighterCapcom1996Video Arcade Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeAll American ChickenParSal Vending2012Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeCandy and Toy CranesPrize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeCrossy RoadAdrenaline Amusements2014Prize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGiant Pile UpSmart Industries2009Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeI-CubeAndamiro2012Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeKey MasterSega2011Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeLighthouseLAI2000Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadePlush BusI.C.E.2003Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadePrize BoxLAI2014Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSega UFO CatcherSega2006Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTower of TicketsBay Tek2014Prize Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTwilight CraneBMI2010Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeZoltarAbigfun Toys Co.1967Other Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBetty Bling PusherCoast to Coast2000Prize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBig Bass WheelBay Tek2008Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeBuzzy Buzzy BeeBay Tek2008Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeColor MatchLAI2013Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeColoramaBromley1995Prize Game3
The Original Pinballz ArcadeCycloneICEPrize Game3
The Original Pinballz ArcadeCyclone Jr.ICEPrize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDeal or No DealICE2007Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDisco FeverICE2007Prize Game6
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDog PounderBob’s Space Racers2006Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDown the ClownICE2014Prize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeDragon PunchAndamiro2010Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeElvis Coin PusherCoastal Amusements2012Prize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeFlamin’ FingerNAMCO2003Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeFlippa WinnaCromptons Leisure Machines2008Prize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeFootball FortuneFamily Fun CompanyPrize Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGhost TownBromley1991Prize Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeGoldzoneBenchmark Games2000Prize Game3
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHarpoon LagoonICE1990Prize Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadeHungry DragonUniversal Space Video Games2003Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeIce Ball Skee BallICE2005Prize Game6
The Original Pinballz ArcadeJetpack JoyrideBMI2014Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMonopoly Coin PusherBenchmark GamesPrize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMonopoly JackpotStern2003Prize Game3
The Original Pinballz ArcadeMonopoly Vid PusherBenchmark GamesPrize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeOperationCoastal Amusements2009Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadePac-Man ChompRaw Thrills2014Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadePac-Man Coin PusherICE2007Prize Game8
The Original Pinballz ArcadePharaoh’s TreasureUniversal SpacePrize Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadePirate’s HookUniversal SpacePrize Game4
The Original Pinballz ArcadePirate’s RevengeFive Star Redemption Inc.2011Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeRaptor CaptorFive Star Redemption Inc.2004Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeRed HotBMI2010Prize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeRibbit RacingLaser-Tron1993Prize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSeawolfCoastal Amusements2008Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeShooting ManiaLAI2015Prize Game3
The Original Pinballz ArcadeShowdownBMIPrize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSlam-A-WinnerBenchmark Games2008Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSlam ‘n JamLai Games2000Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSmack-N-AlienICE2007Prize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSmokin’ TokenBT/Seidel Games1991Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSpongebob SquarepantsSega Games2008Prize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSpeed DemonBaytek2001Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSubway SurferCoastal Amusements2014Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeSuper ShotSkee-BallPrize Game2
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTicket TroopersBaytek2005Prize Game3
The Original Pinballz ArcadeTrap DoorBenchmark2010Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeWacky GatorData East1998Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeWheel of FortuneICE2001Prize Game1
The Original Pinballz ArcadeWizard of Oz PusherElaut2010Prize Game6
The Original Pinballz ArcadeWonder WheelBaytek2000Prize Game1

Pinballz Kingdom Game List

LocationGameManufacturerYearGame TypePlayers
Pinballz KingdomBig BuckStern2010Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomBlack KnightWilliams1980Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomBlack Knight 2000Williams1989Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomBride of Pinbot (The Machine)Williams1991Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomElvisStern2004Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomFunhouseWilliams1990Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomHarley DavidsonSega1999Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomHigh SpeedWilliams1986Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomIndiana JonesWilliams1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomJurassic ParkData East1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomKISSStern2015Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomLord of the RingsStern2003Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomMonopolyStern2001Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomNBA FastbreakMidway1997Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomPhantom of the OperaData East1990Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomPirates of the CaribbeanStern2006Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomPlayboyStern2002Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomRipley’s Believe It or NotStern2003Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomSimpsons Pinball PartyStern2003Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomSorcererWilliams1985Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomSouth ParkSega1999Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomStar Trek 25th AnniversaryData East1991Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomStar Trek LEStern2013Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomStar Wars TrilogySega1997Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomStrike MasterWilliams1991Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomStrikes N SparesBally1978Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomThe ShadowMidway1994Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomTwilight ZoneMidway1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomWhite WaterWilliams1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomWorld Cup SoccerMidway1994Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomWorld Poker TourStern2006Pinball Machine4
Pinballz KingdomAcorn DropFamily Fun CompanyPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomAll American ChickenParSal Vending2012Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomBasket FortuneFamily Fun CompanyPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomBig Bass WheelBay-Tek2008Prize Game2
Pinballz KingdomCandy CanePrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomCapsule ClawHoming Game2015Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomColor MatchLeisure & Allied Industries2014Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomCycloneICEPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomDeal or No DealICE2007Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomDizzy ChickenBay-TekPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomDown the ClownICE2014Prize Game2
Pinballz KingdomDunk N AlienICEPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomElvis PusherCoastal Amusements2012Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomFishbowl FrenzyTeam Play2015Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomFlamin FingerNamco2003Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomFruit NinjaAdrenaline Amusements2014Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomGhost TownBromley1991Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomGold ZoneBenchmark Games2000Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomHarpoon LagoonICE1990Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomIce Ball SkeeBallICE2005Prize Game6
Pinballz KingdomKey MasterSega2011Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomKing of the Big WheelBMIPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomMonster DropBenchmark GamesPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomNascar PusherBMIPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomPharaoh’s TreasureUniversal SpacePrize Game4
Pinballz KingdomPile UpPrimetime AmusementsPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomPirate’s HookUniversal SpacePrize Game4
Pinballz KingdomPop It for GoldBenchmark2007Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSega UFO Catcher CraneSegaPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSimpsons Kooky CarnivalStern2006Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSimpsons SoccerCoastal Amusements2012Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSlam A WinnerBenchmark2008Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSpace BallzJennison Entertainment2010Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomStacker CranePrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSubway SurfersCoastal Amusements2014Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomSuper Shot BasketballSkee-BallPrize Game3
Pinballz KingdomThe Price Is RightICE2009Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomWhack N WinICEPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomWheel DealBenchmarkPrize Game1
Pinballz KingdomWheel of Fortune PusherICE2001Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomWheel of Fortune SpinnerRaw Thrills2010Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomWizard of Oz PusherElaut2010Prize Game6
Pinballz KingdomWonder WheelBaytek2000Prize Game1
Pinballz KingdomAir HockeyOther Game4
Pinballz KingdomBatmanRaw Thrills2013Driving Game1
Pinballz KingdomBig Buck Hunter HDRaw Thrills2012Shooting Game1
Pinballz KingdomBig Buck Hunter SafariRaw ThrillsShooting Game1
Pinballz KingdomCruis'n WorldMidway1996Driving Game1
Pinballz KingdomDance Dance Revolution ExtremeKonami2002Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomDerby Owners ClubSega2002Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomDonkey Kong JrNintendo1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomGalagaMidway1981Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomGauntletAtari2000Video Arcade Game4
Pinballz KingdomGhost SquadSega2004Shooting Game1
Pinballz KingdomGhosts N GoblinsCapcom1985Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomGolden TeeIncredible Technologies2016 SoftwareVideo Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomGuitar HeroKonami / Activision2008Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomHouse of the Dead 2Sega2002Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomHouse of Dead 4Sega2005Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomIce Cold BeerTaito1983Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomJambo SafariSega1999Driving Game1
Pinballz KingdomJurassic Park ArcadeRaw Thrills2015Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomKiller Instinct 2Midway1996Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomKung-Fu MasterData East1984Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMadden Season 2Global VR2006Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMario BrosNintendo1983Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMario KartNamco2008Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMillipedeAtari1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMortal KombatMidway1995Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMs. Pac-ManMidway1981Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomMulti WilliamsWilliamsVideo Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomNeed for SpeedGlobal VR2003Driving Game2
Pinballz KingdomMadden NFL FootballGlobal VR2004Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomNX AbsoluteAndamiro2006Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomParadise LostGlobal VR2007Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomPhoto BoothVideo Arcade Game1
Pinballz KingdomQ*BertGottlieb1983Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomRamboSega2008Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomThe SimpsonsKonami1991Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomSpace InvadersTaito1978Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomStar Wars TrilogySega1998Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomStreet Fighter IVCapcom2008Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomSuper BikesRaw Thrills2010Driving Game2
Pinballz KingdomTarget Terror GoldRaw Thrills2004Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomTekken 5Namco2005Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesData East1991Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomTempestAtari1981Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomTerminator SalvationRaw Thrills2009Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomTime Crisis 3Namco2003Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomTime Crisis 4Namco2006Shooting Game2
Pinballz KingdomTronBally Midway1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomUltracade 200:1Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz KingdomZoltarAbigfun Toys Co.1967Other Game1

Pinballz Lake Creek Game List

LocationGameManufacturerYearGame TypePlayers
Pinballz Lake CreekBreak OutAtari1976Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekCentipedeAtari1980Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekCommandoCapcom1985Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekCyberballAtari1988Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekDefenderWMS Indust1981Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekDig Dug 60:1 Multicade CocktailNamco1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekDiscs of TronMidway1983Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekDolphin BlueSammy CorpVideo Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekDragonslairLaserdisc1973Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekGalaga CocktailNamco1981Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekGauntlet 2PAtari1985Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekGravitarAtari1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekJungle KingTaito corp1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekKarate ChampTechnos1984Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekKiller Instinct 1Midway1994Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekMissle CommandAtari1980Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekNFL Blitz 2K GoldMidway1999Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekPhoenixTaito corp1980Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekPole PositionAtari1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekPopeyeNintendo1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekPyrosToaplan1987Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekQbert CocktailGottlieb1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekQuasarZaccaria1980Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekSatans HollowBally1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekSimpsons 4PKonami1991Video Arcade Game4
Pinballz Lake CreekSinistarWMS Indust1983Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekSpace DuelAtari1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekStargateAtari1981Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekStreet Fighter 3rd StrikeCapcom1999Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekTempestAtari1981Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekTronMidway1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekWackoMidway1983Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekWarlords CocktailAtari1980Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekWizard of WorMidway1980Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekX-Men 4PKonami1992Video Arcade Game4
Pinballz Lake CreekZaxxon CocktailSega1982Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekBig One CranePrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekChocolate Factory CraneICE1999Prize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekClean Sweep CraneSmart1985Prize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekPlush Truck CranePrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekPrize Box LAI Cube Crane #1Prize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekPrize Box LAI Cube Crane #2Prize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekRoute 66 Candy CraneS&BPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekSmart Candy Crane HouseSmartPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekSmart Prize Time plush craneSmartPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekSMART Ticket Crane 61" 2PSmartPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekColormatchLAIPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekDrop the Hook merchNamcoPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekiCubeSegaPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekKeymasterSegaPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekMega StackerLAI gamesPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekTic Tac ToeDSMPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekWinner's CubeBMI gamingPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekFaceplace Photobooth B&WApple indOther
Pinballz Lake CreekSnaphot Mini Photo BoothLAI gamingOther
Pinballz Lake CreekAddams FamilyBally1992Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekBarb WireGottlieb1996Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekBaywatchSega1995Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekBig HurtGottlieb1995Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekBlack Knight 2000Williams1989Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekBlack RoseMidway1992Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekBlack Water 100Bally1988Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekBreakshotCapcom1996Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekBride of PinbotWilliams1991Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekChampion PubMidway1998Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekCreature from the Black LagoonWilliams1992Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekCue Ball WizardGottlieb1992Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekCycloneWilliams1988Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekDefenderWilliams1982Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekDr. DudeMidway1990Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekDoctor WhoMidway1992Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekDungeons and Dragons w/topperBally1987Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekEarthshakerWilliams1989Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekElvisStern2004Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekEscape from Lost WorldBally1988Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekFire! Williams1987Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekFirepowerWilliams1980Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekFish TalesWilliams1992Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekFlashWilliams1979Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekFlintstonesWilliams1994Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekFrankensteinSega1989Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekFreddy A Nightmare on Elm StreetPremier1994Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekFunhouseWilliams1990Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekGhostbustersStern2016Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekGuns & RosesData East1994Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekThe Getaway High Speed 2Williams1992Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekGilligan's IslandMidway1991Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekGrand LizardWilliams1986Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekHaunted HouseGottlieb1982Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekHigh SpeedWilliams1986Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekHookData East1992Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekIndependence DaySega1996Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekIndy 500Midway1995Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekJames Bond 007Gottlieb1982Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekJokerzWilliams1988Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekJurassic Park PINData East1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekKISS Stern ProStern2015Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekLaser WarData East1987Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekLethal Weapon 3Data East1992Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekLights... Camera... Action!Gottlieb1989Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekMata HariBally1978Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekMaverickData East1994Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekMeteorStern1979Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekMillionaireWilliams1987Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekParty ZoneMidway1991Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekPinbotWilliams1986Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekPistol PokerAlvin G.1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekPool SharksMidway1990Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekRipley's Believe it or NotStern2003Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekRiverboat GamblerWilliams1964Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekRed & Ted's RoadshowWilliams1990Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekRollerCoaster TycoonStern2002Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekSafe CrackerMidway1996Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekSilverball ManiaBally1980Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekSimpsons pinball partyStern2003Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekSouthpark pinSega1999Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekStar Trek Next GenWilliams1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekStar Wars DEData East1992Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekStarship TroopersGottlieb1995Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekStreet Fighter 2Premier1995Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekTales From the CryptData East1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekTerminator 2Williams1991Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekTime MachineData East1988Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekTwilight ZoneMidway1993Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekWho DunnitWilliams1995Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekAmerica's Most HauntedSpooky2014Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekKISS LE SternStern2015Pinball Machine4
Pinballz Lake CreekDown the ClownICEPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekDunk N AlienICEPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekDuo Drive (Kid game) 2PUNISDriver Game
Pinballz Lake CreekGold FishinICEPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekHoop FeverICEPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekiBoxerHaymakerPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekIce Ball Skee BallICEPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekJetpack JoyrideHalfbrick2011Other
Pinballz Lake CreekMilk Jug TossICEPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekBig Bass WheelBMI gamingPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekColorama 4PBromley1995Prize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekCyclone #1 3PICEPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekFlappy Birddotgears2013Prize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekGhost Town 4PLAI gamesPrize Game4
Pinballz Lake CreekHarpoon Lagoon 4PICEPrize Game4
Pinballz Lake CreekHungry DragonUSVGPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekMonopoly 3PICEPrize Game3
Pinballz Lake CreekMonster Drop Extreme 2PBenchmarkPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekPirate Hook 4PUNISPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekPirates Revenge DMOZPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekSlam a WinnerBenchmarkPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekTicket Eater 3 SidedBMI gamingPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekDisco Fever PusherICEPrize Game4
Pinballz Lake CreekElvis PusherCoastalPrize Game4
Pinballz Lake CreekPacman PusherICEPrize Game4
Pinballz Lake CreekPharaoh's TreasureICEPrize Game4
Pinballz Lake CreekPrice is Right 6P PusherBMI gamingPrize Game6
Pinballz Lake CreekSponge Bob Pineapple 2P PusherAndamiroPrize Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekTower of Tickets 4PBay TekPrize Game4
Pinballz Lake CreekWizard of Oz 6P PusherElautPrize Game6
Pinballz Lake CreekDeep Freeze RedemptionBMI gamingPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekSmoken TokenBay TekPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekTicket TroopersBay TekPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekWheel of FortuneICEPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekWonder Wheel #1Bay TekPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekIce Ball Jackpot Headers (2)ICEPrize Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekWonder Wheel Lighted SignPrize Game
Pinballz Lake CreekAir Hockey 1 - Dynamo blacklightBMI gamingOther2
Pinballz Lake CreekAir Hockey large format (IP)GlobalOther2
Pinballz Lake CreekAlpine RacerNamco1994Driving Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekBaby Air HockeySAMOther2
Pinballz Lake CreekBeer PongBay TekOther
Pinballz Lake CreekDDR 7th/8th Mix/Extreme SoloBandaiOther2
Pinballz Lake CreekGuitar HeroActivisionOther2
Pinballz Lake CreekMillion Hits MusicNamcoOther2
Pinballz Lake CreekNascar 27" DriverSegaDriving Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekPump It Up NX Dance gameNexcadeOther2
Pinballz Lake CreekRoberto Sport Coin Op FoosballRobertoOther
Pinballz Lake CreekArtic ThunderMidway2001Driving Game3
Pinballz Lake CreekMario KartNintendo2005Driving Game4
Pinballz Lake CreekSuper BikesRaw THRILLSDriving Game5
Pinballz Lake CreekTekken 5 flat screenNamcoVideo Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekAliens Armageddon 2PRaw THRILLSShooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekBig Buck Hunter 75"w/ZombiesRaw THRILLSShooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekBig Buck Safari 42"Raw THRILLSShooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekCrossfire Painball ShooterTaito corpShooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekHouse of the Dead 1Sega1996Shooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekHouse of the Dead 2Sega1998Shooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekJurassic Park Arcade 2PRaw THRILLS2015Shooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekLet's Go JungleSega2006Shooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekParadise Lost 2PGlobal VRShooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekStar Wars Battlepod 42"Bandai2014Shooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekTime Crisis 3 2p 29"Namco2002Shooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekTime Crisis 4 2PNamco2006Shooting Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekAsteroidsAtari1979Video Arcade Game2
Pinballz Lake CreekGauntlet 4PAtari1985Video Arcade Game4
Pinballz Lake CreekMs. PacmanMidway1981Video Arcade Game2