Inner Soldier Laser Tag

A Real-Life Call of Duty Experience!

Inner Soldier Laser Tag at the Kingdom moves the excitement and thrill of arena laser tag outside onto real terrain under a real sky. It also leaves behind the hokey B-movie Sci-Fi guns and bulky sensor vests for semi-realistic modern military firearms and a simple headband that will not hamper mobility.

Whether you play tactically as a team in one of our many Armed-Forces-inspired training scenarios or challenge an opposing team in a traditional free-for-all deathmatch, you will never see laser tag in the same light again.

Inner Soldier Laser Tag is a physical activity with high-tech equipment. ALL PLAYERS MUST BE 9 YEARS OR OLDER TO PARTICIPATE.

Like paintball, but without the pricey reloads, mess, or bruises

Paintballers love Inner Soldier Laser Tag because it offers all the exhilaration of traditional paintball gameplay without any of the serious drawbacks.

Everyone knows paintball is a filthy game (LIVE PAINT ROUNDS!), but many people do not anticipate the bruises and whelps they will leave the field with. Doubt paintball’s painful? Take a look at their marketing. If it wasn’t painful, they wouldn’t harp so strongly on their “low-impact” ammo innovations. Low impact?! How about NO IMPACT?! At Inner Soldier Laser Tag, no live rounds means no damage!

The biggest drawback of paintball is the unexpected exorbitant additional costs. You pay for time on the course, plus additional reload rounds, plus use of fancier guns. That’s right, with paintball, your wallet takes as many hits as you do!

Great for Parties and Events

Having a party or event at the Kingdom? Include the Inner Soldier Laser Tag experience. Our unique team-building gameplay makes us the ideal choice for group events and corporate team-building exercises. Whether you want to book the course for a birthday party, challenge a rival office division, or learn to trust your corporate partners, Inner Soldier Laser Tag is a great addition. Speak with your event planner about adding Inner Soldier Laser Tag to your special event.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday: By reservation only
Friday: 12 PM – 8 PM
Saturday/Sunday: 12 PM – 8 PM


Basic Training

30 minutes of gameplay for only $15. This package, popular with newcomers, introduces players to the firearms and the course. During your time, you will be split into teams and play a traditional deathmatch. Last team standing wins! Last soldier(s) alive gloat!

Tactical Combat

60 minutes of gameplay for only $25. This package is for the serious, experienced players, or those just hooked on the idea of tactical team challenges. An hour of gameplay includes three different scenarios. Join a team or bring your own!

Game Modes

Team Deathmatch


Defuse the Bomb

Break the Bank

Capture the Flag