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Tournaments & Leagues

Pinballz Arcade is a great place to blow off some steam after work while participating in a league. Rather than that same old boring bowling or dart league, why not try your hand at Pinball? Fighting Games like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter II? Compete on the old classics like Galaga and Ms. Pacman? Or just chill out with a beer while “competing” in a SkeeBall league! Our leagues are on weeknights and generally run for a short 4 weeks. The cost is free to enter. You only pay for play. Prizes and trophies to winners!

Come join today and hone your skills to compete in one of our Tournaments.

tournament flyer - sternament headlinePinballz Pinball Tournament
August 6, 2016 @ 12 PM
Location: Pinballz Arcade (183 & Burnet)

Join us at the Original Pinballz Arcade Saturday, August 6, 2016 to participate in a celebration of one of the greatest pinball manufacturers of all time, Stern Pinballs. Fill out the form below to sign up or sign up in person at Arcade.

Cash Prize for First Place, Gift Certificates for Second and Third Places

Admission: $8

Goody Bag with Pinballz Swag, Coupons & More Included!

Sign Up for the Sternament Here:

Tournament Thursdays at The Original Pinballz Arcade
Walk in every Thursday to our original location and test your arcade and pinball skills.

Tournament Rules

  1. Tournament runs from Monday to Thursday.
  2. Week one: Classic. Week two: Shooter. Week three: Fighter. Week four: Pinball. Week five, should there be one, will include a gauntlet of games. See game rules below.
  3. Prize: $10 in tokens and free entry to all major tournaments.pinballz - tournament 2 round
  4. Must have at least 3 participants.
  5. Employees may participate but must do so off the clock and pay for the game.

Classic Game RulesHighest Score Wins. Can only play once and game ends at first game over, no continues. For example if you are playing Galaga once all your ships are destroyed whatever your current score is what is recorded.

Shooters RulesHighest Score Wins. Keep going until first death, no continues allowed. Games like Time Crisis and House of the Dead will be scored after every stage. If participant does not make it to the first stage they may try again not to exceed 3 times. If they have made it past the first stage (the first time a score pops up) they are done and the last stage score is counted.

Fighter RulesLongest Streak Wins. No continues are allowed. If more than one person wins all fights whoever emails me back first will win for that week. Customer will be informed of this and a rough time when I will be sending out the email Friday.

Pinball RulesHighest Score Wins. If participant gets an extra ball they my play said extra ball. If a problem occurs (ex. stuck ball) participant my start over if he / she wishes or keep going if they are satisfied with their current score. They may not buy in extra balls at the end of the game.

Upcoming Tournaments at The Original Pinballz Arcade:

6th – 9th: Super Punch Out
13th – 16th: Ghost Squad
20th – 23rd: SoulCaliber
27th – 30th: Super Mario Bros Pin

4th – 7th: Space Invaders
11th – 14th: Big Buck HD
18th – 21st: X-Men Vs Street Fighter
25th – 29th: Star Wars Pin

1st – 4th: Moon Patrol
8th – 11th: House of the Dead 4
15th – 18th: Street Fighter II
22nd – 25th: Tales of Arabian Nights
29th – 1st: The Gauntlet. See details below.

The Gauntlet: Four-game gauntlet with your total score being tallied at the end. Games – Rampage, Big Buck Hunt Pro, Street Fighter x Tekken (streak x1000), Medieval Madness. Prize TBD.

batcitylogo_sm_200_200New Novice League at The Original Pinballz Arcade!

We’re excited to introduce our new Novice pinball league in a joint effort with our great friends at Bat City Pinball! The league will last four weeks, meeting every Monday starting at 7 PM.

Entry Fee
FREE entry. You only pay for the games you play!

Next League Start Dates
The Next Novice League Begins: May 23rd, 2016 at 7 PM. Sign up in person at The Original Pinballz Arcade, or fill out the form below.

Didn’t get in on the first day? No problem. Walk-ins always welcome.