Boxblaster VR at Pinballz Kingdom

Enter a new dimension of fun for the whole family!

Introducing Boxblaster VR! Pinballz guests of all ages can enjoy our brand new, 4-player virtual reality attraction! Choose from five incredibly immersive, social, competitive games to take your family fun to the next dimension!


Battle an outbreak of robots. Defend your base. Cooperate with friends or enter Arcania alone.
Challenge your friends on Tokyo rooftops. Aim. Take cover. Repeat. See who blasts the winning shot!
Prepare for a mystical journey you’ll never forget. Slay the dragon. Fight alien creatures. Stay alive until the eclipse.
Kid Friendly: Catch fish and smash crystals! Have fun like a child, play with your kids!
Kid Friendly: Fight off medieval knights. Extreme fun for everyone!


1 Play: $10
2 Plays: $18 ($2 savings)
3 Plays: $24 ($6 savings)
4 Plays: $28 ($12 savings)

All pricing is per player.