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Need some fun trucked in for your party or event? Wish you could weekend with your favorite game? Maybe you want to motivate employees with a break-room tournament? Pinballz delivers. Click here for more information on game rentals!

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You can buy almost all of our games! Sure, the owner has a few pins and classics he shares from his private collection that he’ll never part with, but if you’ve ever desired Ms. Pac-Man or Medieval Madness Pinball or a claw game for your home, Pinballz is the answer. Our games are gently used and looking for their next home, workhorses still on the arcade circuit, which means there might be blemishes and certainly wear. Luckily, Pinballz can help you restore whatever game you love, or customize it how you always wanted it. Interested in buying a game, or need more information? Just fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you.

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