When Your Game Is on the Fritz, Your Life Is on the Fritz

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Repair & Customize Your Game

Is your baby sick, screen flashing or ball trapped? Is your lowest score ever stuck blinking on the board, laughing at you? Gamers love their games and hate when they are down. Pinballz can help. We’re collectors. We understand. Fill out the form below to contact our expert techs. Give them a little information about your machine and problem. They will contact you shortly.

Let Us Pimp Out Your Favorite Game

Congo Goes From Chump to Champ Thanks to Our Expert Techs

Pinballz’s expert game technicians can restore or customize games from your personal collection. Whether you want to convert or add lighting systems, powder-coat the trim and legs, or repair the torn side art, we can help.

Check out the Before & After Pics of the customization below!


congo baclglass before 2 ROUND small congo playfield before ROUND small congo side view before ROUND small
Backglass Playfield Side view


Congo after backglass ROUND small congo after playfield ROUND small Congo after side view ROUND small
Backglass Playfield Side view