Tastes of American Bourbon

Come join us on Friday, June 17th for our Tastes of American Bourbon Whiskey Tasting! Come down to Pinballz Lake Creek for a whiskey tasting that goes through the multitude of bourbon varietals. We will be tasting Single Barrel, Double Oak, Barrel Proof and Small Batch Bourbons. After each Whiskey … Read more about Tastes of American Bourbon

Scotland vs Japan

Come join us on Friday, April 15th for Scotland vs Japan: The Battle of the Whiskeys! The most famous of Japanese whiskeys, Nikka, is going to battle it out with the Macallen clan. Will the sun rise in the East but set in the West? Each country will bring their most bold warriors (flavors) to … Read more about Scotland vs Japan

Mario Day 2022

Celebrate Mario and his friends on March 10th at all Pinballz locations! Pull out your overalls and red hat, Donkey Kong head, or Princess dress (or any other character outfit) and sport it at any of our Pinballz locations and get a FREE GO KART RIDE at Lake Creek. Not near the Lake Creek … Read more about Mario Day 2022

World Tour Whiskey Tasting

Come join us on Friday, February 18th for our World Tour Whiskey Tasting! This February we are highlighting whiskeys from around the world. From the Highlands of Scotland to the emerald fields of Ireland to the rising sun of Japan all the way back home to Texas. We've brought these countries … Read more about World Tour Whiskey Tasting

Highland Park Scotch Tasting

Join us Friday, December 17th for a Highland Park Scotch tasting, exclusively at Pinballz Lake Creek's Whiskey Bar! This month’s tasting we are focusing on Highland Park Scotch Distillery. Highland Park distillery is the northernmost single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Scotland, located in … Read more about Highland Park Scotch Tasting

Owner’s Corner

February is upon us already and we’ve been busy. If you’ve visited our Lake Creek location recently you may have noticed a little construction going on over by mini-bowling. We started demolition on the wall where our old laser tag room was located. Our plan is to rotate our mini-bowling into the … Read more about Owner’s Corner

Owner’s Corner

2020 is more important to us than just starting a new year, and even more exciting than starting a new decade. It’s also when Pinballz will celebrate its 10 year anniversary! It’s been a fun 10 years since we opened our first location, Pinballz Arcade, so watch for exciting news … Read more about Owner’s Corner

Owner’s Corner

The year is rapidly drawing to a close and it’s been a very busy year for Pinballz. If you survived Black Friday, you know there is now only three weekends left until Christmas! If you’re stumped for holiday party ideas, drop our party planners a line to secure a spot. We’ve got a little something … Read more about Owner’s Corner