Austin and Buda’s Go-To Entertainment & Party Venues

Pinballz offers Austin and Buda a vast assortment of classic and new arcade gameplay, the largest selection in Texas – including over 100 pinball machines (pins, we call them) at each location. We also offer food and drink – full restaurants and bars in Buda and on Lake Creek; a food truck, sodas, snacks, and BYOB rules at the Central location. That’s fun and entertainment enough for everyone, for any occasion – birthdays and celebrations, Friday nights with friends, Saturdays with families, coworker Happy Hours, corporate meetings and events, first dates. Our original location off Burnet opened in 2010. Austin gave us enough love we were able to open a second location in Buda in 2014. Our third location opens Spring 2016, at Lake Creek Festival in Northwest Austin. Again, thanks to our patrons. Check our Calendar for upcoming events and tournaments or plan your party today.

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